2. The Snow Kick

What: AFC Divisional Playoff vs. Oakland Raiders
Date: 1/19/2002

Blinding snow storms make the easiest of things difficult, so you can imagine how difficult iknocking down a 45-yard field goal in one would be. It was the last game ever at Foxboro Stadium. A snow storm turned the playoff game in to a cleat-sliding, snow-ball-throwing affair. And as theatrical as the setting was, the real dramas was on the field. A blitzing Charles Woodson separated Tom Brady from the football, it was recovered by the Raiders and the Patriots season was over. Or was it? The call was reversed on the controversial "Tuck Rule" and the Pats' second life allowed enough time to attempt a game-tying field goal. Adam Vinatieri stood 45 yards out—a little out of his range (he'd missed 4 of his past 5 kicks from 40+). He planted his leg and kicked up as much snow as pigskin. The ball sailed awkwardly in the air and through the uprights. It was the greatest kick ever. The Patriots eventually won in overtime.