16. McCree's Gift

What: Divisional Playoff @ San Diego Chargers
Date: 1/14/2007

Just inside Chargers territory the Patriots were going for it on fourth down. San Diego was up 21-13 and they were a play away from advancing to the AFC Championship game. Brady dropped back and threw an interception to Chargers defensive back Marlon McCree. Game over, right? During McCree's return, the always-on-time Troy Brown stripped the ball and the Patriots recovered. If McCree would have knocked the ball down, the Chargers win. If McCree would have held on to the pick, the Chargers win. If McCree would have missed the team bus and was a no-show for the game, the Chargers win. The Patriots go on to score a touchdown, a two-point conversion and (you guessed it) Adam Vinatieri hit the go-ahead field goal with 1:10 remaining.