We're all excited about the upcoming Ford Focus ST. The Global Focus is a brilliant vehicle and a hot version is both in the works and makes our nether regions all twitchy. What we didn't know was that another bat-shit-nuts Focus RS was in the pipeline. Here's what we know so far.

  • The five-cylinder is gone along with Ford's ties to Volvo. In its place, the 2.3L Ecoboost four-pot from the 2014 Mustang will be tuned to provide at least 320hp.
  • Because it would require a lot of modification to the Focus' body, AWD is a no go. 
  • To make the insane idea of putting all that power through the front wheels of a car, the RevoKnuckle suspension will be revived and updated.
  • It will be what automotive journalists and Europeans call a "five-door" which Americans refer to as a "four door with a hatch." Five-door is easier.

Front wheel drive can be awesome and we're looking forward to hooning this crazy hatch.

[via Top Gear]