5. Not So Fast, Lada

Vehicle: 1986 AvtoVAZ Lada 2107
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Complex Says: If this is what family sedans will look like in 2107, we'll be very disappointed. No, that wasn't Russian carmaker AvtoVAZ's intent when naming this vehicle, but we still felt the need to have that on record. Ladas were never formally imported into the U.S., but you can occasionally find a few in the hands of enthusiasts. Incidentally, 1986 was the year Hyundai entered the U.S. auto market. At the time, the companies shared some ideas: straightforward, basic transportation for not a lot of money. We're not sure of the details on this car, as the seller would prefer that you call him to discuss them. We are, however, pretty sure you can go for a fairly long period of time without passing another Lada 2107 on the street. That has to count for something.

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