Although the Kia Track'ster has been a big crowd-pleaser at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show and seems like a build completely within the realm of possible production, Kia spokesman Scott McKee said that it is simply a concept made to collect information from consumers and the media. However, McKee insinuated that there are multiple aspects of this concept that he'd like to see in the next-generation Soul.

"If the Soul were to evolve into a family, it would be nice," design chief Peter Schreyer said. 

So, we might be looking at a situation similar to that of what Toyota did with the Prius, rolling out several differently-tweaked models to fit different consumers' needs. Expect features like the blacked-out A-pillar, the "softer" roofline, the uphill C-pillar, and the taillights to make their way into future production Souls.

[via Autoblog]

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