The Globe Roll SE 2 probably isn't what you'd expect from a bike limited to a run of just 75. It's not flashy or over be-logoed (like some of parent company Specialized's other offerings) — in fact, you need to do a little searching to even see what it is (hint: check the headbadge and the seat tube). It's no rolling billboard. What you get instead for the $990 MSRP is a vintage-style racer with classic lines and lots of little details that go a long way. Take the fork, for example. Lugged straight chromoly, it ends with machined aluminum washers and countersunk bolts — a very classy handling of the "lawyer lips" function. The frame is Reynolds 520, the rims are polished aluminum — and not ridiculous deep Vs — the rear wheel flips from fixed to free, and all the brake hardware is removable if that's the way you want to roll. It's smooth, it's simple it's fast — and with only 75 made, you'll probably have the only one on your block. Check the Globe site for more.