When it came to BMX, complete bikes used to be a dicey proposition. In a lot of cases, they may have looked the part of a pro-level ride, but the reality was far different. They were often heavy and festooned with shady generic parts, and sometimes even the geometry was off. They might have looked good parked under a Christmas tree or in the garage, but riding them wasn't much fun. Any money you may have saved buying a complete would have been spent in a hurry replacing crappy or broken (most likely both) parts.

Welp, it's 2012, and things done changed. Take the Fit Bikes line—which has complete bikes for all of its prosfour different levels of bikes, no less. Our personal favorite is the BF Signature, designed for longtime pro Brian Foster. The 21.25" toptube is suited for taller riders, and the 24-pound weight is perfectly in line with today's standards. It comes with a single brake and two pegs, so it's suitable for ramp, dirt or street use—heck, if you took the pegs off, you could even race it—and the matte black finish with tan accents and chrome rims doesn't scream "STOCK BIKE!" It's 100 percent thrashable right out of the box (well, after it's built)—all you really might want to change right off are the pedals and the grips, and those won't add much at all to the $700 purchase price. Sure, you can still build your own bike from the ground up, but at $350 for a frame, $120 for a fork and $140 for cranks, you'll hit that same $700 point before you even get to the wheelset. This way your ride is just one click away.

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