There is a nice little love triangle that has developed between hip-hop, athletes, and the media. Rappers love spittin' about sports figures, sports stars love hanging out with rappers and bumpin' that bass before games, and even news anchors use hip-hop references in sports coverage. The most recent instance came last night at the Nuggets' 117-104 victory over the Miami Heat when Heather Cox was reporting on the Tebow takeover in Denver.

LeBron James was in the locker room listening to the song "F*ck 'Em" off Rick Ross' most recent mixtape Rich Forever, and the track opens with some lines about Tebow. In order to get the full point across, Cox recited the lyrics word for word live on the air. Though her flow is a little too mechanical, it provides superb entertainment. Rrruh!

[via Los That Sports Blog]

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