Earlier this week, the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez found himself on the back page of Big Apple tabloids after he led his team to a victory in the NFL playoffs (whaddaya think this is, 2011?) was called "lazy" by an anonymous teammate (or teammates). Football players lazy? YOU DON'T SAY! Yes, it's true, in a sport where the players are only on the field for half the time, and where there's roughly 5 seconds of action for every 45 seconds of standing around and making plans, laziness abounds. Be it dudes who tried to take shortcuts to success (roids!), dudes who couldn't stay away from the buffet table, or dudes who preferred smoking blunts to practice, these are the 25 Laziest Players in NFL History. There's even a couple future Hall of Famers here.

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Written by Richard Boadu for 6Magazine.