That's it. Where's the We Support SOPA petition? We give up, maybe the Internet should shut down forever. In what would be the sports scoop of the day (you know, if it came from a reputable source), Rob Lowe is "reporting" on his Twitter that Peyton Manning is retiring. Yes, Rob Lowe, of Parks and Rec, The Outsiders, and Atomic Train fame, is breaking the news that the greatest quarterback of this generation is retiring.

Well sort of. First Lowe says: 

"Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to #NFL. Wow. #Colts"

Then he asks a real reporter what he thinks:

"@richeisen My people are saying Manning will retire today. What do you hear? #NFL"

And finally he hedges his bets:

"#Colts fans, let's hope my info is wrong. Don't like being wrong, but this time... I'm hoping #NFL #Manning"

Don't like being wrong, Rob? Uh, Atomic Train? Really?

[via Twitter]