Believe it or not, the X Games haven't even been around for 20 years. Although their popularity has grown tremendously, action sports are still sort of in their own bubble. The general public knows huge names like Tony Hawk and Shaun White, but it's extremely rare to hear somebody talking about the insane tricks that Ryan Decenzo pulled off at the Dew Tour. They simply aren't in the same realm as mainstream sports like baseball, football, basketball.

The new Red Bull Signature Series television show aims to change that. The new series is basically the Planet Earth of action sports, taking never-before-seen footage of surfing, downhill ice skate racing, skateboarding, and any other dangerous sport you can think of. Slow motion and up-close camera work provide the making for an incredible journey that most casual sports fans are unaware of. Take a look at the trailer. We dare you to tell us you're not intrigued. 

[via YouTube]

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