Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated published an emotional piece by Thomas Lake on Michael Jordan's high school basketball, Clifton "Pop" Herring. In the story, Lake discusses everything from Herring's role in sports history as "The Coach Who Cut Michael Jordan" to his long-standing struggle with mental illness. Yesterday, Pop's life hit an all-time low after he and two others were arrested at a home where the missing body of a 24-year-old was found. 

After dealing with paranoid schizophrenia for nearly thirty years, Herring's living situation went from bad to worse once he moved into an old home that Lake described as a “decrepit condition made it nearly impervious to the ravages of Pop.” Now, it seems that the aforementioned residence is the exact location where the body was found and Herring was arrested last night for resisting, delaying, and obstructing the arrest of another man.  

[via The Big Lead

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