It's like Minority Report, but the fancy gloves are purely optional. Also, instead of a blue filter over everything, it's a purple one. It's Mercedes-Benz's new DICE system, which stands for Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience.

On the dashboard, there's a small display to the left of the wheel than can be manipulated to turn into various useful doodads from a calendar to a compass, the obligatory instrument cluster in front of the driver, and a whole host of new things to the right. The passenger side of the dash has three functions that a person can select: Social, Media, and Places. The social tab is chock full of bad ideas, like twitter access while driving and text messages to other moving cars that have the Mercedes DICE system, the media tab accesses the car's saved Music, and the places tab is bloody brilliant. If a driver or passenger is driving past something noteworthy an icon will be floating over it on the HUD. If said motorist points at the icon DICE will pull up information about the noteworthy point, like a restaurants hours, ratings, and cuisine or a landmark's architectural style. Check out the video from Laptop Mag to see it in action

[via Laptop Mag]