Mark Cuban has practically made a living off criticizing different aspects of the NBA. So it should come as no surprise to hear that when the NBA released their condensed 2011-12 schedule, Cubes was pretty pissed off about it. The reason? As is customary in American sports now, the league champion Mavericks have been looking forward to meeting with President Barack Obama at some point this season. But the NBA failed to schedule the team for a road game against the Wizards this year, meaning Cuban had to schedule the meeting himself for next week before the team's road trip to Detroit.

"It's bullshit by the league not to schedule it," says Cuban. "I figured I'd do it myself since the league wasn't smart enough to figure it out. How can you be that stupid? All you've got to do is when you're putting in the scheduling software, say Dallas at Washington, yes. They managed to get Dallas and Miami and all the games set on certain days."

Cuban's got a point. We understand that the league was forced to create a schedule at the last minute this season. But, how do you not schedule a meeting between the Mavs and Wizards that allows for Dallas to make a ceremonial trip to the White House? Then again, that point will probably be lost on David Stern and the NBA, so Cuban can expect a fine anyday soon. But we figure he's used to paying those off by now.

[via SLAM]

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