Megalomaniac and crazy man Sadly Deceased Glorious Leader Kim Jong Il's son and successor, Kim Jong Eun, reportedly mastered driving at the age of three. By age eight, he was apparently tackling dirt rally courses at speeds of 75mph. These are details from a new totally fictitious biography of the new cheeseburger cat Glorious and Honorable Leader of North Korea. 

Despite the obvious inability of a three year-old to simultaneously reach the pedals, grab the wheel, and see out of the windows, this is still being purported as fact. Either the North Koreans are totally incapable of detecting bullshit, or they just don't care anymore. Errr... Proud and successful worker of North Korea can see through capitalist propaganda and see true and magical way Glorious Leader can stretch his legs at young age with amazing magick of Revolution and Worker's Party.

[via The Washington Post]