Hooooooold up! People still collect basketball cards? Like, basketball cards featuring modern-day players? Apparently so, because someone just paid a whopping $38,000—or, to be accurate, $38,032—on eBay for a Blake Griffin basketball card from Panini America's 2009-10 National Treasures collection. The card is rare, which is one of the reasons it sold for so much, and it also comes with Griffin's autograph and the NBA Logoman patch from one of his game-worn jerseys, which is another reason. But, 38 thousand dollars for a basketball card, folks? It's even got card experts a little bit stunned.

"The number is definitely surprising," Rob Springs, an analyst for Beckett Media, said after hearing about the sale price. "There's no question that he is one of the most popular players in the NBA right now, and his face is all over both the nightly highlights and several different endorsements. That just helps to drive the persona to be larger than life."

Maybe. But, with the way the economy's been as of late, aren't folks still supposed to be saving their money and not, ya know, blowing $38K on a basketball card?! One thing's for sure: When Griffin's career is over, the buyer of this card better hope that it turns out to be more than just an expensive piece of cardboard.

[via Panini America]

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