1. Alex Zanardi

Injury Sustained: Lost both legs (and 3/4 his body's blood volume)
Raced In: Formula One, CART, Formula Three, World Touring Car Championship
Complex Says: Even the best drivers get bored. That's why they switch series sometimes. Zanardi wasn't fantastic at Formula One, so he went to CART and won two world championships. After a second stint in F1, he went back to CART and experienced one of the most horrifying non-fatal crashes in the history of motorsport. Zanardi was leading a race at the Lausitzring in Germany, and was nearing the end.

As he left the pits, he spun out and into oncoming traffic. Patrick Carpentier managed to avoid him, but Alex Tagliani t-boned Zanardi's car just behind the steering wheel. Both car and driver were broken. (Notice the flesh in the photo above.) Zanardi had special prosthetic legs made for him that are separate from the feet, so he can change foot size whenever he needs to. He's maintained a positive attitude, returning to racing in 2003. He has even won a few races. We can't think of a better way to conquer what would keep lesser men down.

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