3. WipEout HD

Year Of Release: 2008
Developer: SCE Studio Liverpool
System(s): PS3
Complex Says: WipEout HD is the most recent and possibly best entry into the venerable WipEout futuristic anti-gravity racing series. The premise is simple: choose an anti-gravity ship and glide over power-ups. Beat your enemies through combat, speed, or a combination of the two. Race over some detailed and excruciatingly beautiful tracks that may initially distract you from what you're doing. The included soundtrack is good, but if you don't like it, don't worry. Another cool feature of this game is that you can load music onto your PS3 and use your own custom soundtrack for the game. Studio Liverpool rose from the ashes of intriguing longtime UK video game developers Psygnosis--and we're very glad it did. Add on the WipEout HD Fury expansion pack and you've got twice the game...how can you go wrong?