6. Blur

Year Of Release: 2010
Developer: Bizarre Creations
System(s): XBOX 360, PS3, PC
Complex Says: Bizarre Creations, the game developer that brought you Project Gotham Racing, decided to up its game with Blur. Instead of resting on its laurels with another entry in the PGR series, BC decided to toss reality and fantasy in a blender together, throw the results over the PGR engine, and see how gamers responded. The resulting game let you race production vehicles while gathering power-ups--like a less futuristic Wipeout, or a more realistic Mario Kart. Don't like your stock vehicle? Mod it. Don't like your power-ups? Mod them, too. An interesting game, to be sure--but “interesting” and “popular” don't always go together. Bizarre Creations closed in February, 2011, and the game can be picked up for next to nothing secondhand. With single and multiplayer options available, this is one to check out if you haven't already. If you have a system that will play it, you don't have anything to lose.