11. RC Pro-Am

Year Of Release: 1988
Developer: Rare
System(s): NES, Sega Genesis
Complex Says: We knew we liked the NES the moment we got our hands on one. But before RC Pro-Am, we'd never before experienced the unique phenomenon known as video game time suck. You know, where you look at the clock and it's 3pm, and the next thing you know, your mom's calling you down for dinner and you didn't even know any time had passed? Maybe it was just us, but we're pretty sure it wasn't--this game consistently makes best-of lists for NES, and it's easy to see why if you play it. You control an RC car and your only goal is to try to get to the next race by placing in the top three of the race you're currently running. To get there, you have to avoid obstacles (oil slicks, puddles, etc.) and simultaneously try to take out your competition. Sure, it SOUNDS simple, but it's bloody eight-bit warfare when you're playing.