The Knicks are having one hell of an offseason. They didn't land Chris Paul like some people thought they would. But since the NBA lockout ended, they have convinced Mike Bibby, Baron Davis, and Tyson Chandler to join the team. And, as it turns out, they had a little bit of help with that last acquisition. Before the Knicks held an open practice in front of a crowd of 10,500 fans yesterday, Chandler admitted that it was actually Spike Lee who helped convince him to come to the Big Apple during a conversation they had all the way back in February.

"Last year he was trying to convince me to come here in free agency as if he was the general manager or owner," Chandler told the New York Post yesterday. "We were talking before the [Knicks/Mavericks] game [last February]. I said, 'Look, Spike, right now I'm a Maverick and chasing a dream, trying to go for a title. Free agency is the furthest thing from my mind.' He definitely was planting that seed."

Ten months later, Chandler is with the Knicks, the Knicks look like a serious contender in the NBA's Eastern Conference alongside teams like the Heat and Bulls, and Spike Lee will get to watch the team he helped build from his usual courtside seat. Funny how things work out.

[via New York Post]