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Jess Trew: “Spinning rims gained the name of 'Sprewells' when [former NBA star] Latrell Sprewell was featured on an episode of 'MTV Cribs' in 2001 showcasing a car with spinning rims. The rims featured were created by the company Davin Wheels. This TV appearance greatly popularized spinners, and afterward, people began referring to spinners as 'Sprewells.'"

Juan Cabrera, longtime manager of the Krome Dome, a cult Houston custom shop: “There are hundreds of companies now. It’s a very, very competitive business. Because of that, you’ve seen prices come way down. But I remember when it was $3,500 for 20-inch tires alone.”

Michael Berenis, from the Tampa Sports Car Examiner: “The world record for biggest rims is a set of 50-inchers on a custom Oldsmobile Cutlass. Typically, 100-spoke or 50-spoke is used for average size rims from 13-inch up to 24-inch. For 50-inch rims, either the wire spoke must be stronger, or there must be more spokes, because the arch is expanded and will not be as strong. Either way, you need to accommodate for the larger radius of the wheel, or it will simply be crushed by the weight of the vehicle.”

Yates: “Now you have 32s and everything. You’ve got these multi-piece staggered wheels by Forgiato, which changed the game. Now, across genres, everyone wants those. Today, certain cars have met their limit as to what will look good. If you have a new Charger, you probably shouldn’t do more than 24s. There are not that many vehicles you can bolt on more than a 30. It’s going to plateau. It’s going to be more about the fit, the materials, the design of it. It’ll go back to where it was in ’96 or ’97, when you had to have a good wheel style. For a while, it was only size. And I’m glad that’s changing.”