Washington Redskins 23, New York Giants 10

The Giants didn’t even get into the endzone until there was less than a minute left in the game, and Eli Manning had a terrible outing with three interceptions. Rex Grossman shook off two early picks to lead the Redskins to just their second win since Week 4.

Kansas City Chiefs 19, Green Bay Packers 14

This score should have actually been much uglier for the Packers, as the Chiefs were incapable of doing anything once they entered the redzone. Kyle Orton had a fantastic first start for the Chiefs by completing 74 percent of his passes for 299 yards. The run for an undefeated season has officially ended. 

Carolina Panthers 28, Houston Texans 13

Houston had another solid rushing day (Arian Foster: 109 YDS, 1 TD), but the Panthers controlled this game from the beginning with an early 21-point lead. Carolina forced three turnovers, including two T.J. Yates interceptions. 

Cincinnati Bengals 20, St. Louis Rams 13

Kellen Clemens looked decent as the Rams’ starting quarterback with 229 yards and a touchdown, but the score came much too late to make a serious run at a win. Dalton ended with no touchdowns and an interception, but both Bernard Scott and Cedric Benson made it into the endzone. 

Miami Dolphins 30, Buffalo Bills 23

Reggie Bush ran wild for 203 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries, and Matt Moore posted a 122 passer rating with 217 yards and two touchdowns. Both teams gave away three turnovers, but the Bills added to their misfortune with 11 penalties for 92 yards. 

Seattle Seahawks 38, Chicago Bears 14

The Bears were up 14-7 at halftime in this game, but handed the win to the Seahawks on a silver platter with five turnovers. Caleb Hanie had his third three-pick game of the year, while Marshawn Lynch revisited his mansion in the endzone with two more touchdowns. 

Indianapolis Colts 27, Tennessee Titans 13

There must have been a major shift in the universe today, because the Packers lost and the Colts won. Tennessee threw the ball 56 total times, but only had success on 16 of those throws with Jake Locker in the game. Donald Brown erupted for an 80-yard touchdown run and 161 rushing yards. 

New Orleans Saints 42, Minnesota Vikings 20

Drew Brees made the MVP talk much more interesting by completing 80 percent of his passes for 412 yards and five touchdowns, putting him on pace to set the NFL single-season passing yards record. Adrian Peterson was able to return this week and had a high YPC at six, but only ran the ball 10 times.