Shawn Marion is sick and tired of people overlooking him and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks after what they accomplished last season. It was, after all, the Mavs who won the 'chip in June, in spite of all the coverage that LeBron James and the Miami Heat got both during and after the 2011 NBA Finals. So, from now on, Marion and the rest of the Mavs want to be addressed properly.

"I want y'all to address me like that from now on," Marion says. "World champion...We've gotten to the point where everybody started overlooking us and talking about everybody else and I kind of got [upset] about it. Y'all trying to take something away from us that we've worked hard for and we took. Everybody on this team has earned the right to be addressed as world champions, so everybody address us like that."

Tell 'em why you mad, son! Nah, but really, dude has a point. Because of the lockout, the Mavs haven't gotten nearly as much love as they should've for winning the title last season. So the next time you see them out in the streets, show them some love. And don't forget to call them "World Champions."

[via Star-Telegram]

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