The Indiana/Kentucky college basketball game on Saturday afternoon was so good that people are still talking about it. In case you missed it—and every subsequent SportsCenter highlight since it ended—the Hoosiers hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to earn a W over the No. 1 Wildcats and fans of IU stormed the court afterwards to celebrate. Fans of Kentucky who were in attendance obviously had their egos bruised. But one fan in particular had something else bruised, too—her ankle.

Normally, that wouldn't warrant a post by us. However, that fan turned out to be Megan Dills, a Playboy Bunny who actually had to cancel a Playboy shoot earlier this week because her ankle was still swollen from the game. Doctors told her she has a sprained ankle and some torn tendons that'll take some time to heal. And recently, she talked about what it was like to be at the game.

"You couldn't hear yourself think, much less scream for UK," she said. "There was a girl two rows behind me that said, 'Sit your blonde ass down.' I turned around and probably said some not-so-nice things myself back. But it was a good time, or, at least, until the end. All those fans came out of their seats and rushed the floor like idiots. The next thing I knew, I was knocked down five or six steps. I think the guy who actually knocked me down is the one who did at least pick me up. After I got hurt, I was scared to death."

Ayo, Hoosier fans: We're all for a good court-storming...but not at the expense of a Playboy shoot. C'mooooooon, man!

[via The Big Lead]

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