"Don't crash." After "win," that's the one thing that every professional race car driver tells himself (or herself—what up, Danica?!) prior to a big race. Because unlike accidents that happen in other sports, an accident on the race track can result in danger to other drivers, serious injuries, and, well...worse. Way worse. Unfortunately, sometimes it's just unavoidable. And in Formula One races, in particular, where cars can reach up to 220 mph, the results can be disastrous. They've gotten so horrific that, following the death of 2011 Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon in October during an IndyCar race in Las Vegas, F1 announced that it is seriously considering redesigned the cockpit of its cars to prevent drivers from getting seriously injured in crashes. And rightfully so. To show you why that's probably a good idea, we put together a list of The 25 Craziest Non-Fatal Formula One Crashes to illustrate just how unhinged things can get out there on the track. Strap in and shield your eyes. These wrecks are ugly.