People love winning cars. It doesn't matter what kind of car it is. A Kia? Sweet! A Hyundai? Oh, hell yeah! A POS that'll die on the side of the road after 40,000 miles? Pass me the keys! Winning money is always nice. But if you really want to get a reaction out of someone on a game show, tell him that he has won a brand-new car. He'll scream at the top of his lungs. He'll hug you. And as you'll see soon, he'll even jump on the hood of the car and hump the hell out the thing. Despite the fact that these game-show cars actually end up costing people money—damn you, Uncle Sam!—winning cars makes people act crazy.
That said, it's been a second since we've seen a really great game-show car giveaway. Most new game shows prefer to hand out cold, hard cash to winning contestants. Sure, there are some that still roll out brand-new cars as prizes—The Price Is Right, for instance—but most game shows have stopped giving them out. With that in mind, we dug up the 10 greatest game show car giveaways of all time. Beware: You will be subjected to lots of bad '80s haircuts, confusing game-show contests, and ear-piercing screams. 

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