Chris Broussard Is "Mark Bellison" (The Invention of Lying)

In The Invention of Lying, Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) and the rest of the world hasn't figured out the timeless beauty of lying yet. They, essentially, state whatever is on their mind regardless of how bland or obvious it may be. Is this not the perfect person to play ESPN Insider, Chris Broussard? Take a look at some of his tweets from November 7 and tell me Mark Bellison wasn't made for this role: "Parker said players have 2 options: accept deal or decertify." Um, no shit Chris. "some reps may favor decertification, while others may want to accept the deal." So, you're saying that some people like the proposed deal and others don't? Awesome. Thank you for pounding us over the head with your obvious stick.