George Cohen Is "Fabrizio" (Titanic

Whether you like it or not, the NBA Lockout drama makes for an incredibly compelling movie. But as with any film, there are characters involved that have absolutely no point, no relevance, and virtually nothing to do with the plot. Maybe they were supposed to have a dramatic effect originally, but the execution was poor at best. Take, for example, James Cameron's epic film, Titanic (kind of ironic with the NBA also being a sinking ship). Chances are you don't remember anyone named Fabrizio, right? What, pray tell, was Cameron's reasoning for including him? Presumably it was to add depth and vibrancy to a morose plot. Um, fail. Similarly to Fabrizio, it's safe to say that in 10-15 years you won't remember anyone named George Cohen being involved with the NBA Lockout. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE IRRELEVANT, POINTLESS CHARACTERS. Cohen (the federal mediator) has failed to bring the two sides together and will forever be remembered as "that one dude who tried to talk to both sides but didn't really do much."