As announced last week, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul will be embarking on a "Homecoming Tour" soon—a series of exhibition games that will take place in each player's hometown. It's basically a more formal set of games than the ones that have already been going on in recent months and it'll give players the chance to take control and charge up to 75 bucks for a ticket to one of their games. During a recent interview with ESPN Chicago, Charles Barkley—who, if you haven't noticed, is always good for a sound byte—sounded off on why he wouldn't even think about paying that much for a ticket to one of those games.

"No," he said, "because it's like a glorified scrimmage. It's like the All-Star Game. To me, the All-Star Game...Listen, my number-one rule for All-Star Games was just don't get hurt. Your obligation is to your team. Just run up and down the court, don't try to play any defense, just have some fun. That's all those things are. Unless they're going to donate all the money to charity, because...listen, the players always get a bad rap when you have a lockout because fans look at them as greedy. But the only way it's going to be successful is if they donate all of the proceeds to a charity in that city."

Well, we're pretty sure the guys are donating at least some of the funds to charity. But we've still gotta agree with Chuck. We'll stick to watching college ball—rather than watching any of the games on the "Homecoming Tour"—to get our hoops fix until the NBA comes back.

[via Sports Radio Interviews]

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