3. Lobsta Truck

Cuisine: Seafood
Frequented Locations: Hollywood, San Fernando Valley
Website: lobstatruck.com
Truck Model: 1998 GMC Step Van
Average Meal: $11-15
Twitter: @lobstatruck

Inspired by a weekend lobster shack crawl in Maine, owner Justin Mi decided to take premium New England lobster to the West Coast. Noting that lobster shacks in Maine and taco trucks in L.A. were similar, Mi figured he'd put his shack on wheels to fit L.A.'s burgeoning food truck scene. With fresh meat and New England split-top buns flown in from the East two to three times a week, this truck's as close to Maine as you can get without a six-hour plane ride. Toasted and served either “traditional” with mayo and salt and pepper, or “plain” with solely butter and meat, both the lobsta rolls ($12) and crab rolls ($11) are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. While the price tag may seem hefty for a relatively small roll, Mi's efforts toward authenticity and top-notch lobster meat are well worth the extra dough. The Lobsta Truck also serves clam chowder ($4/cup), Cape Cod chips ($2), and Maine Root sodas ($1-2.50).