Nooooooooo! Stephen Jackson didn't really just do this. He didn't really just cut up clips from SportsCenter featuring sound bytes about the NBA lockout to create a chorus for a rap song. He didn't really just grab a bunch of arbitrary "rap video items" (Money-counting machine? Check! Bottle of Moet? Check! White Sox snapback? Check!) to create a visual for the song. And he didn't really just spend three minutes of his life saying things like, "I go hard as a crowbar." Did he?!

Uhhhh, yes, he did. This is "The Season," and it's the first single from S-Jack's upcoming mixtape, "What's A Lockout?" Good grief. Someone send this to David Stern ASAP to show him what he's forcing us fans to sit through out here thanks to the lockout. MAKE IT STOP! END THE LOCKOUT NOW! PLEEEEEEEASE? [via WSHH]