Scottie Pippen was apparently bored last night before the Lions/Bears game started. So, what better way to kill some time than to dig in the VHS archives and watch—um, WTF?—the 1993 NBA Finals? Random, we know. But maybe he was feeling nostalgic? Or maybe he figured, "Hey, I'm not gonna get to watch any NBA games this year, so let me just go ahead and watch this."

Either way, in the process of watching the '93 Finals between the Bulls and the Suns, Pip also took the time to take to his Twitter account to stunt on Charles Barkley for absolutely no reason. He reminded the Chuckster for approximately the 50,721,948th time in his life that, despite all of his talent on the court, he still never won an NBA title.

"Watching 93 finals," he tweeted. "Sorry Chuck, because you was a beast boy."

Damn, homie. Did you really have to bring that up again? Out of nowhere? Cooooooold blooded! [via Twitter]