Throughout his career, Ron Artest has definitely done some crazy things. But the craziest, by far, was the time that Ron-Ron ran into the stands at the Palace of Auburn Hills during a 2004 game against the Detroit Pistons to attack a guy who threw a cup of beer at him. It ignited a brawl that is now referred to as the "Malice at the Palace" and earned Artest a season-long suspension that amounted to 86 games and almost $5 million in lost salary. But, here's the craziest part of it. On Twitter the other day, Artest claimed that he is actually now good friends with the guy who threw beer at him—and still talks to him on a regular basis.

"Did yal [sic] know me and the guy who hit me with the beer in Detroit are friends now?" he tweeted. "We speak all the time."

Offfffff course you do! You wouldn't be Ron Artest if you didn't, now would you? [via Twitter]