Ozzie Guillen denies ever telling Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams to "let them sweat," when discussing contracts for the rest of the Sox coaching staff.

That's exactly what happened according to Sox pitching coach Don Cooper, who explained the situation two weeks ago on "The Mully and Hanley Show" on Chicago radio station 670 The Score. Cooper claims that after hearing that Guillen wanted the coaches to sweat, he went directly to Williams about a new deal.

The day after Guillen, who has since signed on with the Florida Marlins, was released by the Sox, Cooper signed a four-year contract. This didn't sit well with Guillen.

""He didn't backstab me. I know who he is," Guillen said in a Chicago Sun-Times interview. "He backstabbed his fellow coaches, the guys he worked with for years. You got family? That's fine. Everyone does. We all knew Coop was Kenny's bitch"

So who do we believe? Somebody isn't telling the truth. We're tempted to believe Ozzie, simply because he has never had a problem with telling the world exactly how it is. Maybe Ozzie's already angry because he just realized he agreed to coach for a team that gets 18 fans per game. [via ESPN]