The Miami Dolphins had their best Sunday of the season last weekend. Of course, we say that because the Fins had a bye last weekend, soooo....yeah. It's been one of those kinds of seasons so far for Miami, which sits at 0-4 in the AFC East with the Patriots, Bills, and Jets all ahead of them in the standings.

It's gotten so bad for the Fins that some of their fans have launched a campaign called "Suck For Luck" (pause?) that's encouraging the team to lose as many games as they possibly can in an effort to try and secure the services of heralded Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. And they borrowed the concept behind Apple's iconic "Think Different" commercial to create this one-minute video clip highlighting how they can do it.

We appreciate your creativity, guys. But you have seen the Colts play this season, right? Good luck landing Luck with them in the mix. [via Hot Clicks]