A couple weeks ago, we showed you a video of Hulk Hogan ripping Tim Tebow's Broncos jersey in half. Apparently, Greg Gumbel is a faithful 'Plex reader, because he happened to see the video and hear the Hulkster ripping Tebow a new one on ESPN's SportsNation. So after Tebow's incredible fourth-quarter comeback against the Dolphins yesterday—you mighta heard something about it today if you turned on ESPN?—Gumbel took the opportunity to fire a few shots in the direction of HH during a CBS broadcast.

"You remember two weeks ago when Hulk Hogan really came out and ripped Tim Tebow?" Gumbel asked. "And I was thinking to myself, 'I must have been out of the country...when people cared what he thought about anything other than play-acting, you know, fake sport.'"

You've got balls, my friend. But whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? [via The Big Lead]