Rex Grossman has led the Washington Redskins to a 3-1 record so far this season and sole possession of the lead in the NFC East. Just about no one could have predicted that at the beginning of the season when Rexy boldly predicted that the 'Skins would win the East. But, does that mean Grossman is outplaying his fellow NFC East quarterbacks Michael Vick, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning? In our opinion, no. Hell no. But, at least one NFL analyst thinks Grossman is better than all three of those guys. At least, better than them right now.

"Rex Grossman may be the best quarterback right now in the NFC East," Sanders said yesterday on the NFL Network. "Yeah, I said it. And I didn't stutter."

Fortunately, Michael Irvin quickly called Sanders on his ridiculous proclamation and said he'd take any of the other three QBs in the NFC East before Grossman. But, c'mon, Deion: If you were still playing, are you really telling us that this guy would scare you? Get real. [via Shutdown Corner]