Matt Hughes vs Josh "Kos" Koscheck

Worse Cauliflower Ears: Both these guys are world class wrestlers with hundreds of matches between them. Their ears are shot. Koscheck's ears are twisted but Hughes looks like he's got a Cabbage Patch Kid hanging off each side of his face. Hughes wins... by a crinkle.

Inside Scoop, Hughes: This guy is a living legend. The only knock on him is—sing it with me—"The ol' grey mule just ain't what she used to be..." He's fought almost 60 fights. It happens.

Inside Scoop, Koscheck: In selling his fight against GSP Koscheck took on the villain role and came off looking like that meathead bully everyone wants to see catch a beating. For his troubles, GSP closed up his eye with five rounds of stiff jabs. But Koscheck can wrestle, his stand-up is always improving, and he's looking for redemption.

Prediction: Koscheck. This is one of those fights where the guys have similar skill sets but one guy is a lot older than the other. I've said it before and I'll say it again: when you get old, the chin is the first thing to go. We saw that in Hughes' last fight against B.J. Penn. KO-ed quick fast.

Koscheck has a big overhand right. He uses it and drops Hughes... who then retires. A tip of the hat to Illinois' second favorite son. At one point in time, Hughes was unbeatable.