What's on the Line?

WBC Welterweight Title: Greats like Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, and Oscar De La Hoya have all held this title at some time and their legacies add to its mystique. Mayweather held the belt from 2006 to 2008 before his first retirement. Ortiz took over as champ in April of this year after defeating Andre Berto. His bout with Floyd will be his first title defense.

Reps and Future Bouts: A win for Mayweather would add to his legend status and hype the build-up for a potential 2012 super fight with Manny Pacquiao. If Ortiz loses, he'll most likely slip back into irrelevancy for average sports fans, forced to build his rep and status back up with victories over the next couple years. But a Mayweather loss will have the biggest impact, that endless trash-talking of being undefeated would have to cease and it also would have an interesting effect on his negotiations for a bout with Pacquiao. Maybe Mayweather will feel more pressure to fight Manny in an effort to re-establish his claim as the top boxer of his era? Or maybe those negotiations with Pacman will be put on hold until a rematch with Ortiz can be had?

Prediction: Mayweather by split decision. As much as people despise Money May, the numbers don't lie. Dude is 41-0 for a reason and we believe his defense, speed, and experience will lead him to a victory over Ortiz on Saturday. Victor will no doubt give the biggest challenge he's seen in a number of years but a combination of the aforementioned will be too much for the young champ.