Key Factors and Advantages

Speed? Mayweather. There really isn't any other fighter out there with reflexes quite like Mayweather. His quickness—especially on the defensive end—leaves opponents looking foolish. Word to Juan Manuel Marquez.

Power? Ortiz. He's knocked down every opponent that he's ever faced. Though Mayweather has never been laid out on the canvas, he also hasn't faced a southpaw since Zab Judah in 2006, so he may be caught off guard.

Defense? Mayweather. He's the best defensive boxer of his era and arguably one of the greatest of all time. Watching a Mayweather fight may be painful for the average sports fan, but boxing enthusiasts recognize just how rare his skills are. On Saturday, you can expect Mayweather to stick to his typical routine of waiting for his opponent's aggression to leave opportunities for him to counter punch and score points with the judges.

Stamina? Draw. Mayweather is 10 years Ortiz' senior, and no matter how you look at it the numbers don't lie. Boxing isn't one of those sports where you can evade Father Time for very long, much less when you're coming off a 16-month hiatus. However, Ortiz' reputation has one big blemish; the time he quit in the sixth round of his bout with Marcos Maidana in 2009. Ortiz says that he doesn't remember the fight and has chosen to leave that experience in the past, but only time will tell whether or not Mayweather will push him to that point again on Saturday.

Hotter Wifey? Mayweather. You already know much we love wifeys, so we had to add this as a key factor. Floyd's fiance, Shantel Jackson, has been featured on HBO's 24/7 a few times and does some modeling. The only woman we found linked to Victor Ortiz was the young lady featured in this video from 2009. Miss Jackson's a knockout and wins this battle easily.