Shannon Bobbitt Has the Best Ankles Broken per Minute Rate in Basketball History

Bobbitt, a reserve for Indiana from traditional women's college powerhouse Tennessee, is the player fans love to watch and coaches love to yell at, like Nate Robinson with a ponytail. A point guard who doesn't always seem to know where she's going, Bobbitt totes the rock up the floor like something really bad and really fast is chasing her. Once she encounters a defender, she's as likely to cough it up as she is to keep it (she's got a career 2-1.4 assist-to-turnover ratio), but if she does hold on to the ball, she's going to embarass whoever's guarding her. We saw her put a handful of Liberty defenders on the ankle replacement waiting list Saturday. She's only averaged 12.5 minutes this series, so don't blink, you'll miss her.