One of the things we love about NASCAR (wait, we love NASCAR?), aside from the crashes, are the fights. The sport's (wait, NASCAR is a sport?) governing body seems to have a hockey-like attitude toward fisticuffs between its drivers: they don't officially condone it, but they know it makes for good copy.

But we're not sure what to think about this NASCAR fight. In yesterday's NAPA 200 at Montreal, Steve Wallace hit Patrick Carpentier in a turn, causing Carpentier to spin out. It was Carpentier's final race (he'd announced his retirement beforehand), and his crew chief Jerry Baxter didn't take kindly to Wallace ruining his driver's big day. As Wallace drove into the garage, Baxter reached in and yanked his hair (at the :38 second mark in the clip above). All's fair in love and NASCAR we suppose (although we prefer love-related hair-pulling to be honest). [via Yahoo]