Despite all of those weird foot fetish rumors, we love Rex Ryan as a coach. Dude knows his shit and gets the most out of his players. But WTF is this? Recently, Jets Executive Vice President Matt Higgins sent out a photo of Ryan's new leg tattoo and it is, in a word, hideous. "Converse sneaks. Check. New tattoo. Check. Rex is ready for camp," Higgins tweeted.

And ready for the first frat party this fall apparently. Seriously, why did he pick that tattoo of all tattoos to get and why did he get it on his leg? As Deadspin points out, it looks like something an 18-year-old would get (and later regret!), not something a 48-year-old NFL coach would get. D'ah well. We guess it could be worse. It could be a tattoo of Darrelle Revis, right? [via Deadspin]