The term “Mobile Home” usually carries a negative connotation. But what if your mobile home resembled a wealthy city on a luxury yacht? Enter the Streets of Monaco Yacht, a billion dollar concept which looks to recreate Europe’s ritziest hub on a massive buoyant scale.

The yacht’s developers, Yacht Island Design, intend for life to be very wavy aboard this floating locale, as they have set out to recreate Monaco City staples such as the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Café de Paris and the Grand Prix as a go-kart course. Many more amenities can be found on board the 500ft long watercraft including a basketball/tennis court that doubles as a helipad, swimming pools, a Jacuzzi bar, an “oasis” area and a spa. The yacht can house up to 70 staff members and 16 guests, all of whom will be sure to enjoy a taste of Monaco City while out on the open seas. 

If you’ve got a billi to burn than the Streets of Monaco Yacht makes for an exceptional addition to a life of luxury. And for those with bunny ears sticking out their pockets, applying to be a masseuse, pool boy or go-kart mechanic on staff is always an option. 

[Via Uncrate]