Rather than go and play ball overseas or hit the pro-am basketball circuit, Baron Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Love have spent their time this summer in a place that most kids dread—summer school. Good for them. And they haven't been alone in their effort, either. Recently, the one and only Diddy stopped by campus and sat in on a class that Davis, Westbrook, and Love were taking.

We have no idea what class it was—something tells us it wasn't Nuclear Engineering 401 judging by the fact that Puff popped open a bag of chips in the middle of the lecture—but, hey: It's good to see a group of ballers (and Diddy!) going back to school and setting a good example for the kids out there. And, if nothing else, we're sure they kept homegirl on the right's Twitter page poppin' that day, eh? [via Terez Owens]