Just how much is the jersey number 85 worth to Chad Ochocinco? We're about to find out. Ocho—who got traded to the New England Patriots yesterday—has been wearing the #85 ever since he came into the NFL back in 2001. It's also the reason he changed his last name to Ochocinco back in 2006. But if he wants to wear it next season, he'll have to find a way to convince Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez to give up the rights to the number, which he wore last season during his first year in the league. And the best way to do it? Show him the money!

Lucky for Ocho, he's got money—and he's reportedly willing to pay just about anything to make sure he keeps his number. According to TMZ, a source close to Ocho says he feels that "no number is too high." Or, in other words, Hernandez is about to get paid. Good for you, dude. [via TMZ]