Shaquille O'Neal has done some truly bizarre things over the course of his career. But the latest situation that he's found himself in easily bests all the rest. The Big Aristotle was recently questioned by the LAPD after a group of men that included at least one known Crip was charged with kidnapping and robbing one of Shaq's former associates, who was allegedly trying to blackmail Shaq with a sex tape that he had in his possession.

Even stranger: The man was apparently pissed about a business deal gone sour involving Ray J and, shortly after Shaq split up with his now ex-wife Shaunie, the man also allegedly had an extramarital affair with her. Uhhhhhhh, wait.........WHAT!?!?! Yeah, we're at a loss for words here. Stay tuned because this can't be the last we'll hear about this. [via TMZ]