Apparently, everyone is being asked about their opinion on LeBron James right now. Mike Krzyzewski, who coached LeBron during the 2008 Summer Olympics, appeared on a sports talk radio show in Charlotte recently and even he was asked about what he thought about Bron's role as a leader for the Heat. So he spoke about that—and then segued into a speech about how he feels bad for the way Bron was treated by the media and the fans this year.

"I think everybody needs leadership from the bench, so he's not alone in that," Coach K said. "I love LeBron. LeBron and I are really good friends and I pull for him. I think he has great leadership potential himself. He has a great leadership voice, he's really smart, and obviously he has an immense amount of talent. But he just went through, I think, as crazy a year as I think anybody in any sport has ever gone through. People can say...some of it is of his own making, and it is...But a lot of it wasn't. To come where you were two games shy of winning the whole thing, I think you have to keep it in perspective how close you were...He learned a lot, he's a good learner. He just needs to take some time away, work on his game, and I think he'll be fine."

So, anyone else got some words of wisdom for the kid? [via Sports Radio Interviews]