If you're an NBA fan—even just a casual NBA fan—you've no doubt heard that the league's current CBA ends tonight, which would more than likely result in a lockout similar to what's going on in the NFL right now. So it's probably safe to assume that all of the NBA players out there are keeping a close eye on the ongoing negotiations between the players and the owners. Well, almost all of the players. During his annual youth basketball camp yesterday, Kevin Durant—who is the Oklahoma City Thunder's union rep, by the way—told reporters that he lost track of time this summer and forgot all about the impending lockout.

"With me being so wrapped up in this and doing the things I had to do this summer, I didn't have the chance to really go to the meetings and sit down and really know how things are going," Durant said. "I just hope things go smooth, we're not locked out for as long as people think and we get back to what we're supposed to do."

Not for nothing, Kev, but let's hope that the rest of the player reps are monitoring the situation a little more closely than you are so that that's possible. [via USA Today]